Patrick Mahomes Just Made The Worst Decision Of His Career, Proposed To His Longtime Girlfriend

It is no secret that my mortal enemy on this planet is first Terrell Suggs, and next Patrick Mahomes’ girlfriend Brittany.

It started with her blowing out my ear drums through an Instagram story, claiming Patriots fans were harassing her when they were not, and continued with this unhealthy relationship with her ‘normal UPS driver’.


It started to feel like Pat was, some would say, trapped. They have been together since high school, way before the half a billion dollar contract…it’s like staying together with someone through the holidays, you’re kind of in it for the long haul. Valentine’s Day around the corner you might as well set up the 1-800-flowers delivery early. Ideal break up time would have been like May 2015 but it was a very narrow window of time and Mahomes stuck with it.

Probably exclusively to be able to make corny jokes about getting 2 rings in one day, Mahomes proposed to Brittany at Arrowhead after the Chiefs Super Bowl ring ceremony aka the Patriots summer BBQ.


Diving into the ring, it’s not my particular style but it is big. If I stayed with my high school boyfriend until he signed a $500 million contract and won his first Super Bowl, I’d want something obnoxiously big. A little something Brittany might know a little bit about. Her birthday was yesterday too which breaks my cardinal rule of giving a ring in place of a gift.

Immediately after the news broke I rushed my delicate blogger fingers to Jackson Mahomes’ page to see his reaction. Was he involved in the proposal with some sort of Tik Tok dance? Nothing since this post 39 minutes ago.

Ultimately this may shake out as the worst decision in Mahomes’ career, which either says a lot about the decisions Mahomes has made or more about how I feel about his fiance, which I will not clarify. It wouldn’t surprise me if Brittany ended up involved in some sort of a cancellation, fighting with fans again at Gillette Stadium, or digging up an old tweet from 2011. But now, with the ring, the game has been changed like it did when the refs incorrectly called that N’Keal Harry TD. That’s how it works in WAG world. Wouldn’t hate to find out.


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Denise Goold
Denise Goold
December 26, 2020 6:10 pm

knocked up to seal the deal…good move Brittany