Nuggets Comeback From Down 3-1 To Beat The Jazz In Classic 90s Basketball Fashion

The Nuggets become the 12th team in NBA history comeback and win a playoff series after being down 3-1. The lowest scoring game I’ve seen in a decade but the last minute theatrics made it all worth it.

I can’t imagine how Mitchell feels just fumbling the entire bag with the game on the line. The 7 foot baguette had a great 4th quarter too, all for not. I need to know what was going through Denver’s head when they stole the ball, up 2 and decided to go for a layup instead of just killing clock until getting fouled. Absolutely no game sense was shown in that final sequence.

I vote we just let the Clippers advance. If this is the best Denver has I don’t want to watch them get embarrassed vs LA.

Now enjoy the Twitter roast of the Utah Jazz.

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