Max Domi Done In Montreal

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I have been watching Montreal for a bit now, and it seems to be that its a franchise filled with heritage, winning, and almost countless championships. It also almost seems as if its just as hostile of an environment to play hockey in as Ottawa or Buffalo. We saw them drag Alex Galchenyuk through the dirt. Exposing his personal problems and possible problems with alcohol.

It came out early this morning that Max Domi appears to be heading out the door and leaving Montreal in his rear view mirror. Domi fired his Agent, Pat Brisson, who is close friends with GM Marc Bergevin. His dad Tie, who you may remember from beating up a Flyers fan in the 90’s, is close with GM Mario Lemieux  has been trying to influence a trade for his son out of Montreal. Max Domi has also taken down all the Montreal affiliations from his social media.

Remember When Tie Domi Fought A Fan In The Penalty Box?! -

Max, like most of the players who play or played for Montreal has had rocky relations with head couch Claude Julien. Domi didn’t have a solid year, and I don’t fault him for that. Montreal was the 24th seed and was only in the play in because of how big of a market that city is.

Canadiens' Max Domi hid first tattoo from father Tie

Its not surprising Max wants out of Montreal, they don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon and need time to build. I would love to see Max go to a cup contender like the Flyers, Colorado, or Vegas. I think he would have been better suited to stay in Arizona, but I don’t think that was his choice. I would keep an eye on the NHL draft. This year is going to be pretty busy and I think teams are going to be making some big moves. Some teams may even be getting ready for the arrival of the Kraken.

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Source- NHL Trade Rumors

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