Gunner Olszewski Is About To Be The Next Julian Edelman, Isn’t He?

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Before you read a word more I am not about to put any disrespect on Julian Edelman’s name. I would take a bullet for that man. If he needed a vital organ transplant I would cut it out myself and hand it to him. If he drove to my house and admitted to an elaborate murder and asked me to hide the body I would first ask him to take his shirt off and pass the shovel. Not out of the complete realm of possibility.

But prior to Julian Edelman, I laid my life on the line for Wes Welker—the man who invented the slot receiver position. When Wes tore his ACL the year after Edelman was signed, undrafted, with similar stories and playing styles, I didn’t see it coming. Wes came back in record time and Edelman continued to get better, waiting in the wings for his chance to be the next Wes Welker.

Wally Pipp would have faded into the history books without this diabolical move by Bill. It’s like NFL cameras caught the exact moment Julian Edelman became the next Wes Welker.

In almost 100 years of football no one stumbled upon 1 Wes Welker, let alone 2. Some would say that’s just typical Bill Belichick. Patriots fans would take a look at what is going on with 2nd year WR and future cult hero Gunner Olszewski and wonder if Edelman is going to have his own Wally Pipp moment.

Not only were they both not wide receivers in college, they went to Kent State and Bemidji State and if you ask anyone west of Vermont, they are both short white receivers, typical Patriots.

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Without any fans or much professional videography to help us anoint the next Super Bowl MVP in August, Patriots fans have been relying on the blue checkmark brigade to overreact for us. As of September 1st, I am all in on Gunner Olszewski and you should probably buy your jersey now.

With words this enthusiastic from Bill Belichick, how could you not?

First of all the #80 is an absolute power move by Gunner. With that number on he might trick a few people with a simple eye test. Is that Troy Brown? Danny Amendola? Nope, just Gunner fucking Olszewski.

It’s not flashy, it’s not much on a highlight reel or a physical specimen, but that’s kind of what we’re used to here. The future generations of Patriots fans deserve their own Welker, Edelman.



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