ESPN Hates The Marlins And It’s Hilarious

We’ve reached the half way point of the MLB season. Well for some teams anyway. The Cardinals are still a little ways away. And as we all know we’ve got expanded playoffs starting this year. Eight teams from each league will make it and ESPN has their playoff odds update after every game.

I popped on to see what the Phillies odds are and as I was looking at the Marlins I couldn’t help but laugh out loud by the disrespect.

The Marlins currently sit 15-15, same as my Phillies, with a 22.5% chance of making the playoffs. Fine right? What’s wrong with that?

Nothing until you look at some of these other teams.

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 11.59.34 PM

The Phillies who I mentioned are also 15-15 have a 64.9% chance. Lol. about 42% better than the Marlins, that started the year by sweeping the Phillies. But that’s not the worst, not even a little.

The New York Mets. The team they literally just played and beat tonight. Who by the way, have lost 4 straight games are 15-20. ESPN puts all that in their playoff machine and out comes 56.6% of making the dance. ESPN is saying the Mets, who are 2.5 games behind the Marlins are more than twice as likely of making it. LOLOLOLOL.

But my favorite, the Nationals. they are 12-20. They’ve been bad all season and are 4 games behind the Marlins. They have a 16.1% chance of making it. A difference of 6% is basically the same.

It’s so disrespectful that you have to admire it.

But that’s the Marlins, Marlining. Poor Jeter. Have to imagine he can’t wait to not have anything to do with this franchise.

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