Donald Trump Says He Is Going Bring Back The Big Ten Immediately



Listen, not getting political here buuuuuuut, if Donald Trump brings back the Big Ten this football season he deserves to be reelected. It’s such a genius move by him. ‘Everyone is after me and the world is burning. What can I do. I’ll save football.’ Football fixes everything, that’s not even political, that’s just science.

All joking aside I do think this has some real legs to it. It’s felt like over the course of the last week or so that the Big Ten has gotten restless. They seem like they are disappointed that the season was yanked so early and it feels like they want back in. They are seeing all these other schools talking about playing and having fans to a certain extent. They are pissed.

This might be just a way for them to try and gain leverage. Whatever it is, I want Big Ten football back in my life.

Ya know, safely and all that stuff.

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