Dallas Cowboys Continue to Spit On Dak Prescott!


The Dallas Cowboys vs Dak Prescott, seems to be the new road runner vs coyote. The Cowboys organization just doesn’t seem to give two shits about their QB1.

Dak has never missed a game in his career. He threw for about 50,000 yards last year. He is a proven leader. He has won a playoff game!

The man just wants his money. I mean, is 40K a year really THAT unreasonable? (Hint.. It is, I’m being sarcastic.)

First the team hired Mike McCarthy as their new head coach. Mike did not talk to Dak until about 3 days into training camp, how is that even possible.

Then, they signed the red riffle. Yup, the one and only Andy Dalton to be Dak’s “backup.”

Jerry and Stephen then basically laughed at Dak during contract “negotiations.” I mean they barely talked, I think it was more like chasing someone you really want to be in a relationship with but they don’t care about you.

Basically Dak left 78 voicemails for Jerry and Jerry finally 2 months later replied with a text that just said “Franchised.”

And now this…

They took the man’s real jersey away. They took his damn number away. They probably gave it to Andy Dalton.

I mean it’s true.

Come on, they just wants to be paid like the highest QB in the NFL but plays like the 12th best… What is so wrong.

Just wait until Andy Dalton comes in and goes on a magical Nick Foles ride to the Super Bowl.

Oh poor Dak.

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