Could Sidney Jones Be On The Move?

Based on his age and versatility as a cornerback, Sidney Jones may be the most valuable yet available trade piece on the Eagles roster. Jones hasn’t participated in any team drills since the first week of padded practices due to a lower body injury.

The Carolina Panthers are looking for secondary help, according to The Athletic’s Joe Person.

You know what that means?!?! Trade rumor galore, but it’s not just the fans this time, some reporters have hinted at a possible deal between the Eagles and Panthers due to the recent injury of Andre Dillard. I don’t believe the Eagles really want to pay Jason Peters anymore money or move him from his current position.

So that brings us to the possible trade that could look something like Sidney Jones for Left Tackle Greg Little. This honestly would be a win win for both parties. The eagles get a LT you can start or keep for depth, and the Panthers get a young cornerback with potential to be a starting caliber cornerback.

I’m not Howie Roseman but if I were this trade would’ve been done yesterday. Regardless they have to find some offensive line help somewhere and Jones is a trade chip that could make that happen.


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