Chris Cuomo Cancels Tik Tok

Rip that check in half Billy Gates and spend your money elsewhere because Chris Cuomo has canceled TikTok!

At this point TikTok has no choice but to close up shop. Sure there have been countless other cringe posts on their platform (and by that I mean 99.9%) but this is the straw that’ll break the camel’s back, back up run it over, put it in drive and run it over again for good measure.

I do wonder what the pivot will be for the TikTok stars when they shut the app down. Will they pivot to YouTube and find out they’re not funny when they have to post something longer than 60 seconds? Will they start an OnlyFans? Will the rednecks go back to Fa9462204C/Media/p15275″ ]cebook and continue to complain about the NBA and NFL? Only time will tell!

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