Cardi B, Maluma, or BTS – Who You Got?

Three powerhouse artists – the cream of the crop. Cardi B, Maluma, & BTS are the owners of the top 3 streamed Spotify songs for 8/30 – true rockstars.

Let’s see how dominant these 3 artists truly are. The viz below shows the top 200 songs streamed on Spotify. With over 16 million streams – these 3 almost have as many as the rest of the top 200.

Spotify DB

Now back to the reason you clicked the blog. Cardi B, Maluma, & BTS – Who You got? I’m going to do the traditional MFK for these three:

Marry: Cardi B

I am going to drop the lines that made me fall in love with Cardi B in the first place.

I’m a boss in a skirt | I’m a dog, I’m a flirt | Write a verse while I twerk | I wear off-white at church | Prolly make the preacher sweat | Read the Bible, Jesus wept

She is a boss, a dog, works hard, cares about her body, & a religious women – AKA the full package.


Fuck: Maluma

I mean this guy fucks – just look at him.


Kill: BTS

Fuck these guys & this is coming from a fellow Korean. A little background into Stevie Stat’s personal life – My Mother was originally born in North Korea, escaped to South Korea, & eventually immigrated to USA. So before someone says I don’t know what I’m talking about, I am half Korean & half my family still lives in various parts of South Korea.

Okay back to BTS. BTS has given Korean men an unrealistic image to live up to you. If you can’t sing, don’t have a bowl haircut, & don’t look like a hipster – you are looked at as a second rate Korean man.

Women now expect Korean men to be skinny, trendy, & look like these guys.

BTS World

Unfortunately I am a yoked 6 foot 2 inch 200 lb Korean man with a non-bowl haircut and a multitude of talents, that just so happen to not include singing.

The image of a Korean man is now BTS – rather than the specimen that is Stevie Stats and that’s a shame.

PS Suck it Eddy

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