With Jalen Reagor Hurt, Who Will Step Into His Role?

AJ Torres

As all of us Eagles fans know, Jalen Reagor was hurt yesterday in a live scrimmage trying to make a tackle after an INT thrown by Jalen Hurts. The injury bug strikes the Eagles once again. I’m at the point where I think Jeffery Lurie made a deal with the football gods that stated “Super Bowl for a decade of non stop injuries.” With that being said the eagles have to decide who is going to fill Reagor’s role. There are two prime candidates for the task.

JJ Arcega-Whiteside

I know this is going to be popular but it is what it is. He’s here and the Eagles have to work with what they have. Let me tell you though, Whiteside has came off differently this offseason. Every eagles reporter has reported that the guy has had an amazing camp. He’s come in with a different swagger. I mean dude went out and got a full sleeve tat, and rocks a arm sleeve now. Mega swag points here. The guy just. seems way more confident.

I mean, let’s be honest he’s not beating arguably the most fast guy the Eagles have had in YEARS, but that confidence meter is sky high.

This statement he made speaks volumes to me. The one thing you need to learn when you play in Philly is, if you let the fans hoopla shit talking get under your skin you’re not gonna last here. You need to have thick skin to play here. Us fans only want the absolute best and no stop effort. Learning that may be the best thing that could’ve happened to Whiteside.

Whiteside is probably the most likely guy to fill Reagor’s role. Lets just hope that he really has taken a step towards being a serviceable wide receiver.

John Hightower

This kid right here… WHEELS!!! Hightower is lightning in a bottle. All you hear about him from reporters is that he’s making highlight play after highlight play. For example there was a video that dropped of him chopping up Darius slays ankles.

I mean look at that route. Regardless if it’s one on one coverage, that out and in was nasty.

Another thing I really like about this kid is that he’s a vertical threat with some height. Hightower ran a 4.42 at his combine but in my opinion his game speed is quicker. Love his height at 6’2 it gives him an advantage against a league average 5’10 cornerback on 50/50 balls.

Hightower honestly may be your fourth wide receiver behind Whiteside, but I would not be surprised if he has a significant role until Reagor returns.

Regardless who the Eagles choose to step in and fill Reagor’s shoes, they need production. These two have had amazing camps so let’s pray that it carries over into the regular season and both can give Wentz some valuable reps until Reagor comes back.


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