Which Iconic Pop Stars Locked Lips At The VMA’s?!?!?!


*Clickerbaiter Chavy here. This was written for the sole reason to get clicks upon clicks. Chavy will return at the end of the week to make you laugh until you cry.*

The Video Music Awards came and went this year (under different circumstances due to Covid-19) and I forgot to watch for the 12th year in a row. Music videos have lost the lust of what once made them famous in my opinion. They went from “can’t miss on TRL” to “I might check them out on YouTube” which makes an award show dedicated to them even more obsolete to me.

But anyways the last time this award show had a truly great moment was when Brittany Spears and Madonna played tonsil hockey on stage. That night kid Chavy learned the meaning of “hard times”

And now for your viewing pleasure I present to you that iconic moment.

Featured Image via Twitter user @ohheyjenna (LINK)

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