We’ve Got Murky Timetable Updates on Alshon Jeffery’s Return to the Eagles


With Jalen Reagor’s injury leading the charge of Philadelphia fans returning to cynicism, this little nugget from D Gunn got overlooked:

Let’s just get this out of the way first. When Derrick Gunn reports something, he’s very reliable. That dude is plugged in and well trusted by team sources. Why NBC Sports thought letting him go made sense means they have some terrible executive decision makers.
But in regards to Alshon, this report seems not to be set in stone. Everyone agrees that Alshon’s rehab has been fantastic. Inside the Birds (also VERY reliable) stated on their podcast today that Jeffery could be back in September.
You may be saying, what gives? Who cares? It’s just a few weeks difference, maybe two weeks at most? Why’s it matter?
And I agree, in most cases late September and early October blends together. Every day is the same with girls posting Instagram photos in flannels with a fall themed caption they thought was creative. Newsflash: we don’t care about the pumpkin you picked.
But in the case of Alshon’s injury it’s actually important. Lifting the Physical Unable to Perform label from the wide receiver before the season locks him into a roster spot. So, you would realistically like him to play within the first 6 weeks. (If you don’t lift the PUP tag before the season, he can’t play for the first 6 weeks of the season).
If his return is slated for October, why waste the roster spot? This team has muscles made out of paper mache that kindergarteners use. They need every roster spot they can get.
The Eagles are in a roll the dice situation right now with Alshon. He’s looked good by all accounts, he’s ahead of schedule. He could be ready come late September, which is fantastic. Or, come late September, he’s not ready yet and you kept him on the active roster for no reason and someone like Deontay Burnett wastes away on the practice squad.
Given how Sunday went in Philadelphia sports, taking the positive route is probably the dumb route for me to go. But I just have an inkling Alshon is back Week 3 against Cincy. This is based on no science, no sources, and just a naive belief I’ve carried for over 20 years that things will eventually work out for my favorite teams.
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