UFC Fighter Calls Out Fighter Pay, told by UFC “Not To Talk About It In Interview”


Fighter pay has always been taboo for the UFC . I mean from the second Royce Gracie tapped Ken Shamrock to Stipe retiring DC and until the end of time the debate will rage on with a fiery passion.

The UFC always plays it off that they “take care of their fighters” but in this candid moment it seems things are not as they seem.

I honestly can’t tell tell if Buffer is joking around or being serious given the totalitarian

The fighter in the video (Damir Hadžović) is currently 3-4 in the UFC and on a 2 fight losing skid. You have to think the UFC will take this clip into consideration when it comes to resigning the Bosnian/Danish fighter.

P.S. Honest take on this and clickbait writing aside the UFC needs to compensate their fighters way way way more than what they do now.

The clip of Rory MacDonald crumpling after Robbie Lawler caved his nose in is making the rounds on Reddit and people forget he only had a base salary of $59K for that fight. He was paid $59,000 to take $1,000,000 worth of damage. Unfucking real.

Bring back Face The Pain Dana.

Featured Image via MiddlEasy (LINK)

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