The Worst Fan Bases In Sports


Ohhh boy do I have a blog for you people…What better way to start the week than to piss off as many people as I possibly can. That’s right I’ve decided to rank the worlds most annoying fan bases in sports…I didn’t hold back at all here and most importantly i’m hoping this gets the Chavy Clickerbaiters off to a hot start for the click contest this week sponsored by @GifJif. So strap in and get ready to get your feelings hurt because if you’re reading this I guarantee you are one of these fans…

1. Dallas Cowboy Fans-


This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone as I am pretty sure the entire sports world can agree on this. Ladies and gents the most annoying sports fans in the world are….drum roll please……the Dallas Cowboys fans. A fan base that makes it extremely easy to hate them more and more every year.

Every Cowgirl fan I have ever met has been the absolute worst I haven’t actually met KMess or Stevie Stats yet but considering they are Cowboy fans and on the other team for this click contest, I’m assuming the worst. Every year they will tell you how great there team is and how they’re going to the Super Bowl. Then every year the same thing happens. The team sucks and the fans always go back to the 90’s pull out their VCR players because Dallas fans are the only people that still have them, and go “yeah but we still won all those championships” YAWN! Stop living in the past ya nerds. You were good 20 years ago and you haven’t been good since.

The other most annoying thing about Cowboy fans is the fans that have no association with Dallas and for some reason choose to like this god awful team, I will never understand that at all. I have also never seen a fan base overvalue bad to average quarterbacks more than Cowboy fans. We saw it with Tony Romo and now we are seeing it with Dak Presscott. These two are average quarterbacks at best but their fans act like they are first ballot hall of famers. They refuse to give their elite running back the money he deserves but are talking about possibly making Dak one of the highest paid quarterbacks. As an Eagles fan there’s nothing I hate more than the Dallas Cowboys and their fans so by all means don’t pay Zeke and give Dak a contract that will keep him in the NFC East for years to come so we know that the Cowboys will never be a threat.

2. Pittsburgh Penguin Fans-



Coming in at number 2 another super annoying fan base, the Pittsburgh Penguin fans. The thing that makes them so annoying is the fact that the team has been around since 1967 and yet their fans have only been around since 2005. Yes, they had a nice run in the late 80’s and early 90’s but then the fans disappeared again. Being a fan means sticking with your team whether they are at the top of the league or the bottom and the Penguins fan base is the definition of bandwagon fans. The team was bankrupt and was so close to being relocated and my god I wish they would have been. Saved by Mario Lemieux and the NHL they were practically gifted top draft picks in consecutive years which helped land them Marc-Andre Fleury, Sidney Crosby, and Evgini Malkin. Once they started doing well again their fans crawled out of the sewers and back into the stands. There is nothing more annoying than fair weathered fans and I can not wait for Penguins fans to go back into hiding.

3. New York Yankee Fans-



Notice I didn’t include all New York fans here and there’s a reason behind that. The Islanders are average and I haven’t come across many annoying Islanders fans yet. The Rangers are irrelevant, and same goes for the Giants and Jets. Now back to those damn Yankee fans…We get it…you won a lot of championships, 27 to be exact and trust me every Yankee fan you come across won’t let you forget that. That is exactly why they come in at number 3 on this list. A bunch of obnoxious New Yorkers telling you how they have the best players ever and have won 27 World Series *eye roll* One of the more annoying things other than the championships being shoved down your throat is the fans that try to act like the organization didn’t buy all of those championships. Your team has the biggest payroll in the league they should have the best players in the league year in and year out. When you have all the money in the world who wouldn’t sign with you when you offer them a shit ton of cash. I respect the great players that have come through their organization don’t get me wrong but when you can afford any player in the league and you’ve been around since the start of the sport you should have that many championships. I’ll give Yankee fans credit though they don’t live in the past as much as Cowboy fans but still can get really annoying.

4. Boston Fans-

Sign kid

Image-Obnoxious Boston Fan Twitter

First and foremost FUCK this kid. Woopty freakin do pal, you’ve been to a lot of championship parades we get it you loser. You know what’s more important than that? The amount of school days you missed for these parades whether the school was closed or not he has missed some valuable classroom time and that’s the real issue here. The Boston fan base comes in at number 4 on the list for most annoying as its another fan base that shoves championships down your throat. Yes, part of my hatred toward these fan bases is that I don’t have as many championships but that doesn’t make them any less annoying. Boston fans are awful, I’m looking at you Eddie @esisking. I’m tired of every year hearing about how great the Patriots are and about how the Celtics are the best young team in the east. The Red Sox don’t bother me cause they suffered for like 100 years before winning again back in 04. I can’t stand the Bruins mainly because of that rat Brad Marchand. It also doesn’t help the Bruins case since they are such a dirty ass team too. All I hope is that the Boston teams all go back to sucking and hopefully it happens in the next few years.

5. Philadelphia Fans-


Yup, that’s me celebrating after Claude Giroux’s overtime game winner against the Penguins at the Stadium Series game last February. I’m a die hard Philly fan, I was born here and for the last 25 years I’ve been suffering. I’ve only been lucky enough to see two championships. You’re probably asking your self “Walsh, you’re a Philly fan how could you put us on this list?!?”  I’m sure it’s probably a surprise that I put us Philly fans on this list. Then again it’s only a surprise if you’re one of us. Everyone else is probably wondering why aren’t those Philly scumbags number 1 on this list? As much as I love everything about my teams we have some of the most annoying fans in all of sports. The amount of so called Philadelphia sports fans that turn their backs on their teams so quick is insane. We give up on players and coaches after one bad game or play. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some players, coaches, and GMs that deserved it and we all know who they are(Chip Kelly, Dave Hakstol,Gabe Kapler) but for the most part we have way too many fans that act like they love Philly sports only to completely turn their backs when things start going bad. Being a fan means sticking with your team win or lose and yes, more times than not it usually ends in heartbreak for us Philly fans.

One of the most annoying things is when your at a game at the Linc, the Wells, or CBP and you have so many so called “fans” that act like they know what they are talking about when they really have no fucking clue. The amount of people that make up these crazy trade scenarios like they are playing a video game with the trade difficultly set to easy is insane. We have way too many Philly fans that are so unrealistic when it comes to our teams. Personally, I think the Flyers fans are the worst with Sixers fans coming in a close second. When it comes to ranking the Philly teams, the Flyers are my number 1 Philly team. There are so many people that claim to be Flyers fans have no idea what they are talking about and It’s super annoying. I hate when your sitting at a game and some guy is trying to explain to his friend why we should trade Giroux or why we should trade one of our best defenseman for two 3rd line players. Like you clearly have no clue what you’re talking about so please just shut the fuck up. I’m assuming all fan bases have these type of fans but it’s still what makes them the worst. In the end though, I love my city and my teams so win or lose I will suffer through all the heartbreak until the day I die.



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