Ryan Reaves Is A Bully

Video-Spittin’ Chiclets

Last night while most of you were probably asleep, Vegas Golden Knights forward Ryan Reaves was busy bullying the Vancouver Canucks and their head coach. As seen in the video above, Reaves is chirping with Canucks coach Travis Green.

Reaves is an absolute beauty on and off the ice and he is hilarious. The other night you could hear him on the bench clucking like a chicken at some of the Canucks players. I love everything about Reaves game he’s your typical 4th line grinder that throws the body and gets into the head of the opposing team. Every team needs a guy like him and he is super entertaining to watch.

One big thing I got out of this short clip is that Travis Green will also take no shit from anyone. The fact that he was willing to chirp back at Reaves proves he’s up for doing anything to help his team win. It’s a battle he by no means would win and Reaves is not someone you want to battle with whether it’s with fist or words.



Featured Image-Knights on Ice

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