NFL To Drop EA?

By now you’ve probably seen that Madden 21 is out and lets just say the people are NOT pleased with it one bit. Fans have been voicing their frustrations all over social media and they have even got the hashtag #NFLDropEA trending. One of the reasons that people are complaining about it so much is because of the lack of detail which you can see in the video below…


Madden literally has not changed in years, I remember always wanting to be at the local GameStop at midnight on the release day and now I have no interest in giving anymore money to this shitty franchise. It’s already been rated the worst Madden in history by the people…



0.4?!?!? That’s insane how low this is like this game has to be absolute dog shit. Like I said I’m not buying it because they haven’t changed anything and I’m not paying $60 for a roster update.

The NFL really should drop EA and let someone else make an NFL game. With the PS5 and new Xbox coming out people are going to have high expectations for future Madden games and EA might not be the company to provide that. They clearly have shown they don’t really care about what the people that play the game want added or changed. Until they do something to make the Madden games good again I will not be buying any Maddens.




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