Mugshot Monday: L. Fournette


Happy Mugshot Monday everyone, I know… It has been a while. But the nation’s favorite Monday read, Mugshot Monday is back! Just ask Misty Loman.

In a somewhat surprising move, the Jackson Jaguars released Leonard Fournette today. The former LSU standout will now wait and see if any other their teams come knocking on his door two weeks before the start of the NFL season.

While doing some research on the release, I naturally googled… Fournette Mugshot (always working for the Brand.)

And I came across a very interesting picture and story.

Image – The Advocate

“LSU running back L. Fournette arrested for using a fake ID while gambling underage.”

I immediately thought did shaving his head also change his face that much??

Image – SB Nation

Ok… What the actual fuck? So obviously I had to do some more digging and typed in Leonard Fournette mugshot..

All that will come up is his arrest for a traffic violation but no mugshot.. Hmm! So I dig some more.

“Lanard Fournette arrested.”

Wait… LEONARD Fournette and LANARD Fournette are brothers. And both went to LSU. And both played running back.

How mad would you be if you were younger brother Lanard Fournette? It’s like their parents were just way too lazy to think of a name the second time and just said yeah give him the same name but make it different… Lanard, perfect.

My apologies Leonard Fournette for confusing you with Lanard Fournette.


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