John Middleton Signed JT Last Night During The Phillies Game

Yes, John Middleton signed the "Sign JT" sign from phillies

Finally John Middleton signs JT. Took long enough.

There is a lot in this video I want to talk about. First off, how about the balls on Middleton to go over to the Phillies Phandemic crowd? When you are one of the most hated men in the city right now you probably want to stay away from the fans. Not Johnny, he went right into the heart of the lions den. Have to respect it and also makes me feel like he knows they are signing JT. That was a cocky walk form him.

Second, imagine being called a ‘94.1 WIP Legend.’ Has to be one of the worst things to be labeled. And the accent, my goodness. ‘BANG BANG BERRRDD GANG’

Third, look at this move right here.

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 9.36.59 AM

What kind of looney has someone sign their clear phone case? I mean having an owner sign anything but a contract is bananas to me in the first place. Actually hot take, autographs are for suckers. But your phone case? 1. it’s going to rub off almost immediately unless you put it on the inside. But even if you do that it will be backwards. 2. Is he just going to be like, ‘hey see that signature on my phone case right there? John Middleton.’


‘Middleton, owner of the Phillies.’


Anywho, John, get the deal done for real.

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