Joe Rogan’s $100 Million Spotify Deal Starts Today


The great and powerful Joe Rogan embarks on a new journey today as his $100 Million Spotify deal goes into effect. With this big deal comes a new studio for Joe, as he picked up his shit and moved out of the dump that is Los Angeles, California to Austin, Texas.

I mean look at this man’s set up, what in the fuck is he taking, I fucking want it.

What in the fuck is that??? If i walked into a room with that in the corner i would scream.

I personally hope the conversations dont take place in this absurd red lighting but i’ll take the conversations happening in a spaceship. Sure, cool, cant wait to get stoned off my ass and watch a man talk about the most ridiculous shit in the world all while sitting in a red spaceship with golden buddhas everywhere. Seems exactly like where my parents thought id be in life at 25.

In all seriousness tho, this is awesome to see and obviously well deserved for the podcast king. No one in this world with a podcast would be where they are without Joe Rogan. A true pioneer.

Its amazing to see what he’s built in the last 15 years.

I wish i had a 100 mill, siiighhhhhh.


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