Joe Burrow Is Coming For Jimmy G’s Spot With This SEXY Thirst Trap

You know you’ve made it as an elite NFL QB when you drop your first thirst trap. With one week left to go until the start of the season, Joe Burrow just dropped this pic to come for Jimmy G’s spot as the hottest QB in the NFL.

I’ve struggled with the orange and black color combination for Joe. Worried that putting on those Bengal stripes would immediately turn him from fly to fugly. But that blue steel pose, chiseled jawline and the tricep definition has millions of WAPs far beyond just the Cincinnati borders.

This, combined with his new chain is a dangerous warning sign for the rest of the NFL. Jimmy G might have the bone structure, but doesn’t have an ounce of the swag that Joey B has. Plus the Spongebob caption? Relatable, yet unattainable–every girls ultimate fantasy. You don’t just spend that much time with Coach O and come out being all uncool.

Hey NFL, here’s the guy coming to take all of your girls:


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