HAPPENING NOW: Clevinger TRADED to Padres

*Clickerbaiter Chavy here. This was written for the sole reason to get clicks upon clicks. Chavy will return at the end of the week to make you laugh until you cry.*


Going from the AL to NL will definitely be a bit of a shock to Clevinger but props to him for finally getting out of that shithole state they call Ohio.

To be honest we don’t deserve him as Ohioans. We unleashed the Paul brothers onto the world and that is unforgivable. I mean countries have been nuked for lesser crimes.

Also can we talk about how Clevinger has a Jesus vibe to him? I mean the locks, the rocket arm, it’s uncanny.

I’m just picturing Jesus throwing absolute GAS to Judas in a pickup game right now and it’s a crazy site.

Featured image via Bleacher Report (LINK)

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