Eagles Owner, Jeffrey Lurie, Calls America An “Embarrassment”


Harsh words from Jeff. We don’t get political here at Branded and I won’t make this political, and the spineless Philly guys for some reason don’t want to blog this, but it seems to me the Eagles owner is fed the fuck up. I mean who can blame him? Eagles won’t be able to have fans at least to start the NFL season and that is going to hurt the bottom line. No fans equals SIGNIFICANT less money. Less money equals a SIGNIFICANTLY less happy owner. Lurie still has hopes that with improvements with testing that there could potentially be fans in the stands as soon as October.

“… Maybe not for September, but after that…”

Personally, I don’t think the NFL should allow fans at any of the stadiums period. Hear me out. How is it fair that some teams get fans and others don’t just based on the state their in or how concerned their owner is? For the sake of argument, lets say Lurie is wrong and the Eagles won’t be able to have fans at their stadium for the entire season. Cowboys come to Philly on November 1st with no Eagles fans in the stadium but on December 27th the Eagles go to Dallas with 30,000 screaming fans? Talk about home field advantage. That isn’t fair or right if you ask me. Something like this could very easily decide the division and I don’t think enough people are talking about it!

Now I know no one thinks of them as a threat but if the Eagles go to DC week 1 and the Redskins Washington Football Team isn’t allowed fans but week 17 they fly to the Linc with 15,000 of you crazy sons of bitches how is that giving everyone a fair shot?

Sounds to me like Goodell, like usual, has dropped the ball. Way to protect the integrity of the game you big dope.

Rabalais: Roger Goodell, clown nose or not, deserves all the jokes Sean Payton can fit on a shirt | Scott Rabalais | theadvocate.com

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