BTS Is The Best Group In The World



Two years in a row BTS has been crowned Best Group at the MTV VMAs. If you’re unfamiliar with BTS you must be living under a rock. As the resident Kpop fan at Branded I love when Kpop gets love in America. I’d be lying if I said BTS is my favorite Kpop act but you have to respect them. They are the biggest and widely considered the best around. I’m personally more of a Blackpink and (G) Idle fan myself but how can you not enjoy BTS?

It is hilarious how BTS is clearly still in Korea so they have a bunch of NYC tourist spots on the green screen. Never change MTV, never change.

BTS is basically the Korean Beatles but they make enjoyable music. Honestly, calling them the Korean Beatles might be an insult. These guys have 35 million subscribers on their YouTube. Their choreography videos have 70+ million views on them I mean the performance on MTV has 3.6 million views on Twitter and almost 1 million on YouTube (at the time of me writing this), they posted it TWO HOURS AGO! I’m going through their youtube now and I can’t find anything less than 1 million views.

BTS is the future. BTS is the Now. BTS is the best group of 2020.

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