Brock Lesnar To Return To UFC?


WOAH, huge news out of WWE, looks like Brock Lesnar is no longer under contract and is officially a free agent.

So what’s next for the 43 year old former champion? Does he re-sign with WWE or maybe he test the waters in AEW. He could possibly shock us all and decide he wants to return to the UFC.


Things you would love to see….Jon Jones vs Brock in the heavyweight division. Jones has already made it known he plans on moving up and a fight against Brock would due huge numbers. I need it, I need this fight to happen but I also need it to be with fans in attendance so let’s make it happen.
I would say it’s almost a gurantee that gets goes back to WWE whenever they decide they need him again. I don’t think AEW can afford to pay him the money he will want. Honestly I think UFC is a long shot too because why would he want to put more of a toll on his body when he can make more money in WWE by doing a lot less.

To me this also makes the Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman new relationship make more sense. They like Heyman as an on screen character and it’s probably the best way to get Reigns over as a heel.

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