Board Games – Branded Blogger Edition


Here at Branded Sports I like to compare things to other things. It’s kind of a niche I own.

As most of you probably have, I sat wondering what board game fits each Branded Blogger personality.

Beware, the results are controversial and may piss off certain bloggers. The following are based on broad generalizations of the bloggers personalities based on minimal, if any, interaction. You have been warned.

CEO JOE: Don’t Wake Daddy

Joe is a busy many, we know this because at every twist and turn he likes to remind us all how hard he works. Joe also has a kid, we know this because at every twist and turn he reminds us that he is a father. Joe needs sleep to dominate the world like he does, so for our sake Please Don’t Wake Daddy.

dont wake daddy

KMess: Backgammon

Backgammon is one of the oldest games still played today. KMess is one of the older bloggers at Branded & has been with Joe since the beginning of time.


Aidan: Jenga

I don’t know much about Aidan but what I do know is he seems to be a busy man, juggling a lot of things at once. I know this because every time I ask him to come on a live stream he either has work, school, or another pod to record – this dude grinds. I imagine his daily schedule looks similar to a game of Jenga. One misstep and the whole thing comes tumbling down. Gotta stay on schedule or you can’t dominate school, work, & the blog.


AJ: Monopoly

Monopoly is a board game based around the city of Atlantic City. AJ is our resident homer, so a board games based around one city seems to fit AJ well.


Eddie: Connect 4

Connect 4 is a very basic game, that may seem complicated at first glance. Eddie likes to think he’s mysterious and complicated but in reality he is very easy to read. Eddie likes to think he’s playing chess, but in reality he is playing connect 4 at best.


Ali: Scrabble

Ali is a force to be reckoned with at Branded – she is currently dominating the podcast game & dominating the blog simultaneously. In my house scrabble dominates day in and day out. Right now i gotta give credit where credit is due Ali is Scrabble – dominant.


Walsh: Operation

I mean add a beard to this man and that might as well be Walsh laying on the table.


New UFC Guy: Battle Ship

TBH I don’t know this guy at all, but a combat game seems to fit the combat guy nicely.


Chavy: Checkers

Chavy is a simple man from the simple city of Cleveland. Chavy likes to take shots at me & that’s fine, but him taking shots at me is like trying to play Chess with Checkers pieces – it just doesnt make sense. Checkers & Chavy jokes are similar in that they are both very simple to understand and are both lacking nuance. Checkers is a fun game and all but everyone knows the superior game.


Stevie Stats: Chess

Need I say more?


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