Sam Carchidi Is Getting Dragged On Twitter Right Now For A Bonehead Question

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The video below popped up on twitter about an hour again. Sam Carchidi, who covers the Flyers for the Philly Inquirer was asking JVR a question and the out come wasn’t ideal.

The internet was less than happy and are now dragging him on every one of his tweets. He hasn’t responded yet to them but that isn’t stopping people.



Now I’m going to say something that you might think is controversial but it’s really not.

I get what he’s trying to say.

He is simply trying to ask about on ice issues and pull the focus to that. So I can understand the point he wants to make. The problem was the way he said it. If he wanted to ask about momentum lost due to time off, he should have just done so.

Adding ‘hey forget all that political bullshit’ to the front of the question was just completely unnecessary and boneheaded. It immediately opens yourself up for criticism and ridicule, whether you agree with his comments or not is besides the point. It’s a big time, read the room moment.

The other glaring issue with him trying to take a job at the social issues happening by saying, let’s just focus on hockey, is Kate Smith. If you’re going to take issue with social issues getting in the way of covering a sport than he should probably stay out of all social issues.

Looks mighty hypocritical for Sam to dive head first into the Kate Smith statue removal controversy and take issue with players boycotting games. You just can’t have it both ways. I get it was a big story and you needed to cover it. Very fair point. But than maybe not toss a passive aggressive back handed comment out there and just ask your question.

We live in a very weird time right now. People are looking for things to “get you” on, you have to be careful of what you say. This was a shut and ignorant thing to say and he gave people a reason to get internet mad at him. The question now is, how far does this dragging go?

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