Sixers Planning Controversial New Arena Location As If Any Fan Still Cares About The Sixers


The story of the Sixers ploy to build their own arena came out while every team in the league confronted the racial injustice going on in the country. The teams still worthy of being in the bubble boycotted, the Sixers are long gone. It’s always the optics with this team and ownership. They can’t control when a story is leaked about their plans and had no way of knowing it would come out during a historic boycott. But, it still comes just several days after being swept out of the playoffs. So, the fan base in its entirety has no interest in consuming this team, including buying tickets. More importantly, it comes just a few months after the ownership group wouldn’t promise to pay their employees. Now, they want the taxpayers to pay for their arena. Josh Harris, CEO of Scum & Co., just keep stooping lower.
As if raising ticket prices for the past four years wasn’t enough, the Sixers now command taxpayer dollars to go rogue from the sports complex where the three other teams still remain. The only thing that would offset taxpayers funding this is, according to the article: “a Neighborhood Improvement Zone, a state program that allows development bonds to be issued based on future tax revenues from businesses within a certain area.”
Which is a great summation of today’s society where people, especially rich ones like Sixers ownership, only do something that benefits someone in need if it also benefits them. They’ll help business in the area increase revenue, only to take it later to help pay for the arena. As if taking citizens money for tickets, apparel, and TV revenue to pay Al Horford $109 million wasn’t enough.
One of the reasons for the proposed move is the city’s aim at to connect Philadelphia to the waterfront near Penn’s Landing. The Sixers believe they can be an enticing attraction to develop the area along the waterfront. Um hello, ever heard of Show N Tell? I think that’s a pretty significant attraction near the water. And much more entertaining than the Sixers.
This team just can’t do anything right and it stretches far beyond a product on the basketball court. This is what bad leadership looks like.
This ownership group should feel fortunate this proposed arena wouldn’t open until 2031, because it may take until then to get out of the hole they’ve dug themselves.
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