NBA Players Have Decided To Resume Play

As a sports fan I’m saying thank the lord up above, but as a human being I understand that a stand had to be taken. The constant police brutality and killings against black lives have gone way too far and the NBA players put the world on notice.

The Bucks power move caused a chain of events that postponed all NBA playoff games. That’s not all though, the other major professional sports began to boycott their games and practices. It’s a huge series of events that caused a powerful message to President Trump that something needs to change NOW and not later. Until there is a legit police reform and REAL change with systematic racism, we will continue to see more and more important figures of the world step up and press the message, which I find to be amazing.

With the games restarting Friday it gives way for the players to come up with an articulate plan of ways to keep pressing the message while in the bubble.

With that being said… LETS HOOP BABY

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