NHL Planning To Have Games In Home Arenas Next Season


There have been reports that the NHL is talking about playing next season in a “bubble” type of environment or multiple bubble cities. However, that is not their main goal as they are still hoping to have teams play in their home stadiums.

According to my most trusted source NHLRumorsDaily(NRD) on Twitter, the bubble cities plan is their last resort.
While the bubble cities have been great during these playoffs, you have to think the players would much rather play in their home arenas. It has nothing to do with the environment but more because at least they would be closer to their families. Some of these guys havent seen their families in almost two months and the teams that go onto the Stanley Cup Final might end up going 3-4 months without seeing them. Now I know the NHL is going to try and get the families of the last couple teams into the bubble but there’s still a chance that might not happen.

We will probably know more within the next few weeks as the NHL is clearly exploring all options for what they can do for next season.



Twitter Image-NRD
Featured Image-Sporting News

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