Marcus Morris HAS To Be Punished For Last Night

I’ve been a longtime Marcus Morris. Hearing stories about him and his brother beating up the entire Kansas football team, eventually landing on the Celtics but this is blatant and needs to be punished. Clippers are up 20, there is one man on the Mavs who might be able to do something and you go after him. They got into a scuffle of sorts in Game 1 where Porzingas got tossed but this is an uncalled for escalation.

This is as close to headhunting as it gets. Going after a guys ankle who can’t stop hurting his ankle. The NBA needs to suspend Mook for at least a game, it isn’t because this was against Luka but at the same time it is. They need to take action like this no matter who Mook was trying to hurt but because it was Luka the NBA might actually do something. This is way to similar to Zaza injuring Kawhi a few years ago.

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