Celtics Vs Raptors Game 1 Might Not Happen

Fred Van Vleet talked about this being a possibility yesterday. The players bought in on the bubble allowing them to finish their season but more importantly they thought they’d be able to have a platform to make change. They’ve been given the platform, they were able to put causes and phrases on the back of their jerseys and we see after games a lot of the conversation is trying to make a positive change.

With the shooting of Jacob Blake and now with armed militia shooting and killing protestors the reason so many of the players agreed to come to the bubble seems pointless. This is a sad reality that most of the players and many Americans deal with.

We don’t do politics at Branded but this is a social issue affecting the lives of the athletes that we love to watch and write about. I won’t dive too much deeper into this, it isn’t my place, but as sad as I would be if these teams boycotted game 1 or left the bubble entirely I would understand. I think most NBA fans would.

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