Branded Click Contest Is Back Sponsored By Gif Jif

The click contest is back! We are a website based on driving traffic and every now and then you need a competition to bring out the most in people bloggers.  This one is going to be a special one thanks to our guys at Gif Jif.

Go and download their app right now.

If you don’t know what Gif Jif is, you probably have a pretty boring twitter account. Those the facts. Gif Jif is the greatest gif making app ever created. You downloaded, you cut out your buddies faces and you toss them on a gif of you dunking on them. It takes group chat shit talk to another level.

Actually that should be their slogan. Gif Jif: Taking Your Group Chat Shit Talk To Another Level.

I’m going to email the guys, that idea has to get me at least 15% of their company.

Back to the contest, we have ourselves a week long contest beginning Monday and ending Friday. Team with the most clicks on blogs written that week wins.

This will be a 5 vs 5 contest. With the following participants. Myself (Joe, big daddy king of the clicks and the easiest 1st overall pick since LeBron James), Kmess, Aidan, AJ, Ali, Eddie, Keith, Chavy, Stevie Stats and Mac.

If you are ready this, you blog for us and don’t see your name, I apologize, had to cap it at 10 and take the longest tenured writers. I still love you.

The teams will be pick on Thursday’s Nightcap live. Make sure to tune in and see the captains, Kevin and Chavy set their rosters.

And what’s at stake?

Our good friends at Gif Jif are hooking up the winning team with some Gif Jif Pro accounts. Meaning we get the elite gif action. And if you want to get yourself Gif Jif Pro (which you should) click here and snag an account. If not still download the app. Seriously, anyone that is anyone on the internet uses this app. Don’t be an idiot. 

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