Whats up with G?

Intern Mitch

This is not a bashing of Giroux, Giroux is a fantastic hockey player, and the symbol of the Philadelphia Flyers. Through thick and thin, early and late post season Giroux has been a constant for the Philadelphia Flyers but he seems to be a no show right now in Toronto and one can’t help but to sit in wonder and worry about whats going on with our Captain, Claude Giroux.

Right now in ten games he has 4 assists, which isn’t bad, but its not great for the Captain and the team. Hes the power-play quarterback, and leader of this team, but has found himself of the score sheet these past few weeks. Even seeing a demotion to third line center position, which would be great if we had Nolan Patrick, cause it would mean Giroux wouldn’t have to be the backbone of the teams offense.

But, that being said, maybe that is why we don’t notice him on the score sheet. Claude Giroux isn’t putting the other 17 players on his back, and I don’t think its on Giroux to do that anymore, at 32. Where has TK been? Where has Coots been? These are the guess that pass and score off of Giroux and they have been silent too. You don’t hear his name a lot since he was on a line with Laughts and Derek Grant, not exactly first line wingers there. Giroux has been solid, he just hasn’t found his way on to the scoring sheet.

The Flyers lost last night 4-0 to the smoking hot Islanders. Varlamov is a good goalie, but when you have an ELITE offense with three solid lines, it should have been at-least a 4-3 loss. I think that Giroux has been there playing a solid game, but the players around him are not showing up as well. So that makes an entire half of the Flyers fan base, the ones who may or may not have just bought bandwagon tickets, wondering where Claude Giroux is. Because the last time any of these fans saw G, he was taking the Flyers past the Penguins in 2012.

-Branded Mitch

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