WWE accidentally showed a beheading last night no big deal.


I don’t like to give the WWE too much credit because for every great moment or idea they’ve had they’ve subjected me to about a thousand other horrible matches or bits. But I have to say the WWE Thunderdome is a great idea.

A virtual hangout for fans that gives them a chance to cheer be on TV and gives the wrestlers the chance to perform in front of an audience, win win situation right?

Yeah we basically got Chat Roulette 2.0 instead.

Oof. I mean putting a beheading on your screen is 1000% not cool….however this is the internet and if WWE didn’t expect at least one dude to put on a beheading video or start jackin it to a women’s match then I have some beach property in Kansas I’d like to sell them.

Now it’s not all bad for everyone who’s having virtual fans. The reason the NBA isn’t having this issue is because they’re only allowing family/friends of the players, celebrities, and season ticket holders to be shown on TV. Because having a vetting process and not just allowing anyone get on TV surprisingly helps you avoid issues like this. Weird!

So thanks to WWE for bringing back something most of us had thought was just a relic of the past. Chat Roulette is back on the menu boys and girls! I can’t wait to put Sylvan on there and convince people they’re talking to Mac Miller just like the good old days!

Featured Image via WhatCulture! (LINK)

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