Report: NHL May Play In Bubbles Next Season As Well

Intern Mitch

Its comes as no surprise that with the success of the the two NHL bubbles in Edmonton and Toronto that the NHLPA and NHL are at the table, virtual or not, about what they are going to do for the NHL 2020-2021 season. The next season wont start till December-January right in the middle of flu season. Gross.

But John Shannon tweeted this gem yesterday:


Four NHL bubbles? That would make sense to me given that the two they have are doing great, with not a single COVID test coming up positive, even with players leaving and coming back for hospital visits and their kids being born. We all know, especially in Philadelphia, we wont be at a in person hockey game anytime soon. As for the second part of the tweet, it would make the most sense for these bubbles to be in Canada. I think it goes without saying two out of four would be Edmonton and Toronto, but what about the other two? I don’t think that Ottawa or Winnipeg would be in the conversation as Ottawa’s arena situation is a nightmare. Winnipeg is apparently miserable to travel to, so that’s a factor I can’t speak to.

If outside of Canada, maybe Philadelphia as a bubble? The only issue in my opinion would be a practice facility, as the arena is far from a few rinks. But we do have a brand new hotel getting built by the bank though.

Stay tuned! I don’t think anything is going to be concrete till November. I just can’t wait for AHL and ECHL hockey to be back. The ECHL would be a great experiment as the arena’s don’t usually fill up. I like the idea of bubbles, I would rather have them then not sports at all.

The NHL's got empty arena jokes

-Branded Mitch

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