Devastating News: Dorinda Is Leaving RHONY


In a year filled with devastating headline after devastating headline, this one might take the cake for 2020. One year after losing the GOAT Bethenny on Real Housewives of New York, Dorinda Medley has just announced she is leaving.

If you listen (and please subscribe) to my reality TV podcast Avoiding Reality, found on iTunes and Spotify, linked at the bottom here, you know I feel very strongly that RHONY is hands down, no debate the best Real Housewives franchise of all time. Every single cast member holds their own, there are literally no weak links in their history. After Bethenny, Dorinda Medley is the single most influential RHONY housewife of all time.

This news is absolutely heartbreaking. In real time on the show we are in the midst of a Ramona intervention about Dorinda’s anger issues, which may ultimately be related to her departure. I swear if we find out Ramona Singer is responsible for this we will revolt and petition harder than even Malia White knows about.

In terms of iconic housewife moments in history, Dorinda owns quite a few. Everyone knows the mark of a true superstar housewife is to produce iconic quotes that can be easily printed on a travel water jug or a reusable shopping bag. Her Mount Rushmore of memories start here.

NOT WELL, BITCH (which also includes telling Sonja to put an EZ Pass on her vagina)





This entire dinner in Mexico


Her speech on the boat at Luann’s engagement party


The bubble dress!


When she heckled Luann by screaming JOVANI for 45 minutes during her cabaret but refused to admit it


WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE WITHOUT DORINDA (More of a Sonja moment but impossible without Dorinda)


So, we bid a final farewell to Bluestone Manor trips and the fish room, of course Len, slurred speeches at every party or function, and making it nice. No one will be able to fill the crater sized hole Dorinda will leave in the RHONY universe. We can only pray she re-thinks her decision and comes back (and maybe brings Bethenny with her?)

You know how important Dorinda is to the RHONY universe by the dedication Instagram posts she gets, and they are pouring in today.

Notably absent from the shoutouts so far….Ramona Singer.


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