Bruce Bowen Went On Get Up To Cry Because Joel Emiid Hurt His Feelings Once


If ever there was a perfect time for the old man yells at a cloud comparison, this is that moment. My goodness. 

Let’s break this down so we’re all on the same page here. Brett Brown asks Bruce Bowen to speak to the team. Makes sense, he coached him and Bowen has won three championships. He has playoff experience and can help talk to the young guys about what it takes to win the big one. Fine, I can get down with that. 

But after that Bruce says “I talked to them about, stay out of the media and stop tweeting so much. And the one guy that had an issue was Joel Embiid. If you’re going to say something for the world to see, don’t be surprised if people have ill will towards you” 

Incorrect Bruce. Let me tell you who actually had an ‘issue’ with that, all the players on the team not named JJ Redick. Why you ask? Because they are all kids. Joel was just the only guy to speak up about it. From context clues it sounds like this conversation happened in the 2017-18 season. Meaning Joel was 23 years old and Ben was 21. Those are kids Bruce. And you know what kids like, social media. 

And to the ‘ill will’ thing. If you think Joel Embiid gives a shit what people think of him because of what he puts on social media. You’re not paying attention. He talks trash on his socials because he likes to get in people’s heads. 


He’s a competitor. Joel isn’t going on the court every night looking to make a new best friend. I’m shocked this type of old man take would be coming from a guy that prided himself on stingy defense. Feel like you have to have a little swag and outward confidence in you to be an elite defender. Like a guy like Pat Beverly or that other amazing defender with swag and confidence, what’s his name? 

Oh that’s right, Joel Embiid. 

So go find another cloud to yell at with your boy Greeney and keep it moving. I’m sure he’s got some really hot takes about 3-0 home runs and end zone dances he’d love to share. 

They are kids playing a kids game. Lighten up

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