Ben Simmons to join a super team?


According to a statement, the Philadelphia 76ersforward will be an ambassador to the organization for content, as well as an advocate for gaming and esports and the expansion of FaZe Clan globally. Terms of Simmons’ investment were not disclosed by the organization. Forbes reported Monday that Simmons’ investment is part of a Series B funding round that has yet to close.

“My role with FaZe now goes much deeper than the initial investment,” Simmons told Forbes. “I am going to bring it back to Australia and bring an international side to it. I also want to bring more kids into it.”

Excerpt taken from ESPN (LINK)

Well it seems like Ben Simmons wants to know what it feels like to be a part of a winning culture and decided to join FaZe gaming. I for one applaud the man for being tired of losing and deciding a change of scenery was the right move.

You have to wonder if this is a front for Simmons to reach future NBA stars in the Australian AAU circuit to warn them that if they want to ever win a NBA title to avoid the Philadelphia 76ers at all costs.

I can see it now, the little Australian lads gather by the thousands to see their favorite NBA player and play Fortnite with him and the entire time he’s just talking about his Sixers contract and yelling at the poor kids.

Featured image via Silver Screen and Roll (LINK)

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