No One Talks About The Tangled Web Between The Curry Family And The Rivers Family And How Paul George Is Involved

Seth Curry, the lone Curry left in the NBA playoffs, finally got some much deserved attention when Twitter investigators caught him calling Paul George a ‘bitch ass’, which was honestly kinda accurate for how Playoff P performed in game 3 of the Mavs/Clippers first round series.

To some, this might seem like some regular basic trash talk, but what if I told you Seth actually let PG off easy with just a bitch ass and an aggressive point after a layup? The underground NBA reality show is way more dramatic than any season of the Kardashians and honestly probably pays out the same amount of players.

As do most major Shakespearean dramas, the NBA revolves around two main families: The Rivers’ and the Curry’s. And it all starts with dads Dell Curry and Doc Rivers. In the 80’s and 90s, the OG’s Dell and Doc (both not their government names) lived out their respectable NBA careers, retiring within a few years of each other. They are 2 years apart.

Charlotte Hornets v Los Angeles Clippers
 (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

Dell married his college–and also America’s–sweetheart Sonya and they have three kids, all athletes. Steph and Seth, both current NBA players, and daughter Sydel who played volleyball.


Doc became an NBA coach and went on to have 4 kids of his own, also of course all athletes. 3 sons including Austin, another current NBA player, and a daughter Callie who…played volleyball.

Sure, not totally unusual for professional athletes to breed professional athletes, that’s kind of the point. There’s something to that genetic thing, combined with nepotism at its finest.

The next layer of this borderline incestual family tree stars when Dell’s son Seth and Doc’s son Austin spend a year at Duke together.

Seth Curry, Austin Rivers
 (AP Photo/Eugene Tanner)

Austin got drafted after his first year on the team, and Seth finished college and joined his brother Steph so all 3 were actively playing in the NBA, with Austin’s dad Doc now the coach of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Shortly after, Austin was traded to the Clippers and became the first player in history to be professionally coached by his father, and also the first to get traded by his own dad when Doc sent Austin to the Wizards. THE WIZARDS!!

Now here’s where Paul George comes in. At this same time, Doc Rivers’ daughter Callie started dating Paul George. Considering his willingness to TRADE HIS OWN SON, you’d think PG13 might be a little hesitant to fuck over the coach’s daughter. Even more considering Playoff P has always had LA dreams. But ultimately I’m not sure that thinking is Paul George’s strong suit.

Obviously you can’t trust men around all those distractions and during Paul George and Callie Rivers’ relationship, he was accused of impregnating a stripper in Miami, which, sit down for this one….turned out to be true. He was also accused of paying her $1 million for an abortion but denied that one through his publicist. Paul George is currently still with the stripper from Miami who he cheated on Callie Rivers with, and they have another daughter.

After breaking up with PG for being what some might call a ‘bitch ass’, Callie Rivers moved on to her brother’s old college teammate….Seth Curry. Seth and Callie had a daughter in 2018 and married in 2019.

So when Seth Curry is calling Paul George a ‘bitch ass’ after scoring against him in a playoff game, regular trash talk turns a little personal when you are talking to your wife’s ex-boyfriend who cheated on her and got a stripper pregnant.

Extra weird when you remember Paul George plays for the Los Angeles Clippers, under head coach Doc Rivers, father of the girl you cheated on and got a stripper pregnant. And he still gets minutes!! Doc Rivers could ship Playoff P out of the Hollywood Hills in milliseconds, so you kind of just have to take the ‘bitch ass’ with a grain of salt. That’s probably the nicest possible thing Seth could have said.

Now what about Dell’s daughter, Steph & Seth’s sister, Austin Rivers sister in law?, Sydel Curry. Well…Sydel married her brother Steph’s teammate, Warriors’ Damion Lee in 2018.

So to keep you up to speed here are Dell, Sonya, Steph and Ayesha Curry virtually watching current Dallas Maverick Seth Curry calling out Paul George, his wife’s ex who cheated on her and got a stripper pregnant, playing for the Clippers and being coached by his father in law, who’s son is also in the bubble playing for Houston.

Here is a helpful family tree I created to keep it all straight.

Ultimately I think we can all agree this story is paving the way for the next chapter between these two families, led by the next generation, specifically Riley Curry.


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