I’m All In On Brett Myers Publicly Shaming The Phillies Bullpen


I miss Brett Myers. You want to talk about a guy that brought some life to a locker room. Dude was the man. Some of my favorite Phillies memories involved Brett.

There was the walk against CC. Maybe one of the greatest at bats by a pitcher ever. That at bat basically ended that series right then and there.

The time he made a face at Jayson Werth while he was on second and picked him off. No body talks about that moment enough. It was laugh out loud funny that Werth would get caught looking at Brett sticking his tongue out at him.

But my all time Brett Myers moment is the final out of the 07 season to send the Phillies to the playoffs. I was in college and it was an afternoon game. I raced back to the dorms after my last class and caught the final inning. It was electric.


Nowadays Brett is chilling making fire country jams and hopefully coming on the Nightcap in the near future. But like most of us that are invested in the Phillies, he is watching the games. And like ALL of us he sees that there bullpen has been a flaming pile of dog shit.

So late last night he tweeted a video of his 15 year old son throwing 84 mph. Which by the way, I can’t imagine throwing that fast at 15. I probably threw a ball 40 mph when I was that old. But Brett took that time to also take a playful jab at the Phillies.


I’m all here for this. Everyone needs to rag on this team until something is done. We all know the only way you get people to change is to bully and embarrass them publicly. Also, I don’t care how old these guys are. If you throw out the 08 Phillies pitching staff today, no shot they’d be worse than what is being put on display currently. Even Brad Lidge today would be a better option than some of these arms we have.

So I’m all for the public dragging. We need more of it. This front office is wasting a year of Bryce Harper playing like the MVP.


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