The Sixers Loss Today Was Indirectly Caused By the Paul Pierce Interview

The playoff series between the Celtics and Sixers was over before it started. And in reality, any playoff series the Sixers were involved in was a moot point since Jerry Colangelo was brought in.
But after going down 3-0 to the Celtics, the Sixers actually showed some real fight today. Sadly, we are at the point with this team where we are giving brownie points merely for trying .
But there they were, late third quarter, down by 3 but had been leading most of the way. ESPN decides that what this game needed was a Paul Pierce interview.
When has anyone ever needed Paul Pierce’s opinion on anything. If they redid that Ja Rule skit from the Chapelle stand-up with NBA players, he would use Pierce’s name.
Pierce and Doris Burke are talking about the 2002 playoffs for God knows why and meanwhile Tobias Harris is bleeding out on the floor:

It took a painstaking amount of time for ESPN to realize that Tobias Harris was seriously injured as the pool of blood began to trickle to the hardwood. The inexplicable Paul Pierce interview continued.
The Sixers didn’t score again in the quarter. The lead for Boston ballooned from a measly 3 points, to 12. And then, both the game and the season were over.
Paul Pierce isn’t the reason the Sixers are leaving the bubble. They have their incompetent clown show front office to thank for that. But every deranged sports fan can attest that there is something, like that Paul Pierce interview, which can completely derail your team.
Thanks a lot Paul, you ain’t Kobe.
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