If The 76ers Want To Be A Legit Contender They HAVE To Do These 3 Things

As always I think it only makes sense that the Celtics fan tells Philly how to clean up their shit show of a basketball team. Realistically though who would be better at cleaning up this mess? You’re all bias and the Philly vs Boston rivalry is over hyped media talk, no one actually is concerned about your team so I am as objective as it is going to get.

1. This is as obvious as it gets but the entire staff has to go. Coaching staff, training staff all of the executives. Everyone. I said after last season you need to move on from Brett Brown and half of you called me a moron. You need your Steve Kerr, even if it is just a new face with different energy and mindset. All of his staff has to go as well, unless Embiid or Simmons specifically wants someone to stay, clean house entirely. The training staff needs to go for obvious reasons and the execs need to be fired based on principal. They’re part of the old guard so cut them. The guy I’d consider keeping is Elton Brand but you really need someone with some experience, a rookie GM is not what a team trying to win a title needs.

2. This will be a long one. Most of the roster needs to go, if you need to lose some trades you do it because this roster is BAD. You have a top 10 player on your roster and another top 20 or 25 player and then absolute bums. The joke isn’t even funny anymore because of how true it is but Tobias Harris is just Marcus Morris and you thought it was smart to give him $180m. I won’t even comment on Al.

The only people who are on this Sixers roster this year and should be on the team next year is Embiid, Simmons, Richardson and Thybulle. If you want to keep Milton, Burks, Korkmaz and Pelle whatever. As long as you promise they don’t start or play significant minutes. Don’t fall in love with Burks, there is a reason he was made available to you this year. O’Quinn, Robinson, Neto, Bolden, Broekhoff and Shayok are all free agents after this year. DO NOT RESIGN THEM.

Horford and Harris have to get traded. You need to surround Simmons and Embiid with shooters. Embiid is at worse a top 5 big man, probably top 3, he needs to be able to sit down low in the post, if he doesn’t have the shot he needs to dish to a cutting Simmons or find a spot up shooter. The Sixers will need to add picks and possibly throw in a player like Zhaire Smith but what do we think about this?


I can sense your judgement but hear me out. Like I said you might need to sweeten this deal up for the Cavs but I’ll let you figure that out, I’m just an idea man. Love is two years younger, Love makes a bit more but it is fairly similar year to year and he can shoot. Sixers want to be an immediate contender you need to out rebound the Bucks, Raptors, Lakers etc. If you can’t out rebound a team with Love, Embiid and Simmons there is a serious issue. You need to increase your shooting, Love is a better offensive threat than Horford everywhere on the court. You lose out on defense but Al has been basically unplayable and if he is out there with Simmons, Embiid, Thybulle than I don’t see the issue. Trading Harris is going to be a lot harder if you ask me. Going into next year you are 32 million in the hole, trading Al for Love doesn’t open up any cap space. You’ll need to trade a massive contract to a team with cap space, this cuts your options down significantly. You can’t trade Harris for a similar in size contract because you need to fill out a bench that doesn’t cause me to laugh like a school girl when I see them.

Honestly, I am struggling to find a good trade. Most teams aren’t so far in the hole cap wise like Philly is so players making 180 million are usually good and there is only like one or two per team.


It is only $2 million but you do save a bit of money here and I don’t think you lose much. Lets assume the starting lineup is Simmons, Embiid, Thybulle, Richardson and Love (from Horford trade). Trading Harris to Denver here you save some money, you save on years and you add an extra body. Where you aren’t flush with cash getting 2 bench players for 1 is huge. You might lose here on talent but the team improves as a whole. Also, it is a lot easier to trade a $17 mil or $12 mil contract then it is to trade a $32 mil one if you aren’t happy with them at the deadline.

Free agents. I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here but you have no money so the options are limited.

Current roster with my changes: Embiid, Simmons, Richardson, Love, Thybulle, G. Harris, Barton, Milton, Korkmaz, Pelle and Burks.

I’m not even going to try and make the money work here but guys I would look at is Joe Harris and either Aron Baynes or Montrezl Harrell. Joe Harris adds massive shooting threat off the bench. You can play him over Shake, Burks, Korkmaz and the lineup is significantly better. I imagine he will be out of your budget but he needs to be looked at. Harrell or Baynes just so your only backup big man isn’t Pelle, who I don’t mind but you need another option. My guess is Baynes will be cheaper and easier to sign. You can get away without signing another big if you just move Love over to the Center spot when Embiid is out or go full small ball.

3. This is the most important point I think. Pray. Go to church. Ask any and all Gods you can think of to help you out. This is a disaster as it stands and if ownership wants to win a title, serious and aggressive changes need to be done.

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