The Latest Rumors on an Impending Yannick Ngakoue Trade

After five straight losses to send our mental health spiraling, Philadelphia needs an inkling of positive news to pull our fans out of the hole. So let’s get back to the Eagles favorite pipe dream: Yannick Ngakoue.
The Jaguars made it known months ago (or years ago, 2020 has a different time continuum) that he wanted out and he wanted a new contract. The team and the player have officially hit crunch time. NFL teams put the pads on this week for the first time and they are getting into the swing of ACTUAL practice. If a front office is going to make a move for a player, they’d like it to be sooner than later given there’s no preseason games to get a player up to speed.
So, what’s it going to take to pull this heist off? A 2nd round pick, apparently.
A 2?! Well, I’d say the Eagles should jump on that, but definitely gotta save that 2nd rounder in case anymore back-up quarterbacks are available next draft.
Plus apparently the Yannick for a 2 isn’t as set in stone as we thought:
The Jaguars are open to trading Yannick Ngakoue. They’re also open to keeping him. Just don’t expect either development to materialize anytime soon. (NFL Network)
Snip, snap! Snip, snap!
Just toying with our very thinly held together emotions over here!
So, thanks to the groundbreaking NFL Network report, maybe Yannick isn’t as close to being out the door as we thought.
It’s August 21st and Jadeveon Clowney doesn’t have a team yet. Just saying.
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