Rumor: Phillies Looking To Acquire RHP Brandon Workman

First things first anyone who we receive can’t be much worse than what we have in the bullpen now, right? I mean our bullpen is giving up a 7.52 ERA so far this season. It’s absolutely disgusting how bad it’s been. Klentak is the moron who put us in this mess, now it’s time to get us out.

Earlier today the Phillies acquired pitcher David Hale from the New York Yankees for minor league pitcher Addison Russ who had a pretty impressive stint at the Phillies alternate site. Russ threw 200 k’s in 150 innings. That’s eye popping. To be honest though the Phillies need guys who’ve been there before so trading for David Hale could work in the short term. Thought Hale was Dfa’d recently it was because Aroldis Chapman was brought up.

Brandon Workman currently has a 4.05 ERA and 8 strike outs on the season. This is a trade I am here for. Over the past 3 years Workman has been one of the better relievers in baseball. So if Klentak makes this move it’ll be a move the fans should really get behind. I mean seeing as this teams bullpen is filled with a bunch of schmucks, I’d say Workman would be a blessing.


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