Jason Kelce Wearing A Jason Kelce Flyers Jersey At Eagles Practice Today Because He’s Just The Best

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I mean he’s just the best. When his time is up and they need to bring in a younger more talented center. Don’t. I don’t care if my quarterback is getting sacked 8 times a game because Jason Kelce is 52 years old and has bones made of dust. You prop him up and you play. The guy is a morale booster year round.

He goes to the OD, he gets drunker than anyone else during parades and he supports the other squads. Jason Kelce for mayor of Philadelphia. Sign me up for that. Or President, let’s go all the way to the White House with this.

PS: It’s August, isn’t it way too hot to be wearing a hockey jersey. Those things are made for frozen ponds and shit like that.

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