Is Lil Wayne The Key To The Lakers Success?

The Lakers have plenty of celebrity super fans. But I haven’t seen Snoop, Jack Nicholson or even Adam fucking Levine in the virtual seats at any Lakers games this year. There’s only been one tried and true, ride or die Lakers fan in this bubble and it’s obviously been Lil Wayne.

When the times get tough and you lose game 1 of your first playoff series in 7 years as a #1 seed with LeBron James and Anthony Davis and Charles Barkley is bringing out the broom, you really get a good look at who you can go to war with and who is just trying to date Leonardo DiCaprio. And if I were suiting up for an actual war (pray that day never comes), I would go into the trenches with Tunechi.

Now ignoring the fact that Wayne was also digitally court side for a Lakers loss to the Thunder earlier this month, things are different in the playoffs. Time to bring out the big guns; and perhaps no one is more intimidating with 640 pixels than Weezy F Baby himself.

Plus no one is better suited to take down a team named the Blazers than Lil Wayne.


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