Gronk Was Scared To Jump Off A Platform At WrestleMania So Vince McMahon Did It To So He’d Stop Being A Baby

So apparently there was a rumor going around that during a rehearsal for WrestleMania 36, Gronk got nervous jumping off a platform. So scared that 74 year old Vince McMahon decided he’d get up there, jump off and show him how it’s done.


That’s a tough day at the office for Gronk. You’re more than half of Vince’s age and you’re built like a brick shit house. You can’t have Vince flex on you that hard. Right after McMahon hits too he gives a, ‘it’s that easy you big bitch’ look. Also, you can’t tell me he hasn’t been hit a billion times harder than that in his career. Yeah it’s a much bigger fall but you’re landing on padding. The guy made a career on getting blasted by safeties and landing on not so forgiving turf.

Have to think cool new Tom Brady is going to make some gif about this. He got out of New England and now he thinks he’s Fuck Jerry or something. I mean look at this.


Relax Tom.

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