Why is your favorite drink Hawaiian Punch?


Waking up to see a staple of childhood trending on Twitter had me a little worried. My first thought was “did Hawaiian Punch send some unsolicited dick pics and get canceled?”

Phew! Crisis averted! Hawaiian Punch is still pure!

I can remember as a kid throwing the entire ice cube tray into my 12 oz WWF cup and that Hawaiian Punch still being at room temp. Nothing threw me off during more during my Crazy Taxi playthrough than warm Hawaiian Punch. I’d be on the brink of getting that Class B license and with the little down time I had between customers I sipped my room temp punch and it would throw me for a loop, erasing any chance I’d have at a high score.

I’ll be the first one to say I can’t remember ever as a kid thoroughly enjoying Hawaiian Punch. Anytime I drank it I chugged it out of necessity and not for pleasure. I needed fluids and it was the easiest thing to grab from the fridge that wasn’t water (because what kid is going to willingly drink water?).

As I grew older I learned to appreciate Hawaiian Punch as a cheap mixer for my drinks and after the first couple of times I finally realized why we had gallons upon gallons of Hawaiian Punch in the fridge growing up. It wasn’t for me to enjoy after riding the scooter around the driveway on a warm afternoon. It was for my parents to mix with their alcohol after a hard day’s work and then having to raise a wild card son!

Wow it all makes sense now. So next time you drink some Hawaiian Punch and spit it out wondering “why the hell did my parents buy this for me as a kid?” think of this blog and then it’ll all make sense.

Featured Image via Nathan Love (LINK)

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