“Suga”Sean O’Malley seems to be taking his first loss well.


Now I’m not a UFC fighter (or even good enough to fight on the regional circuit) but I am a multiple time loser and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I’ve handled every loss better than Suga Shame O’Malley.

I get it, coming into this fight he had the UFC marketing machine behind him and was expected to breakout into the top 10 with a win over Chito Vera. Obviously things didn’t go his way and he possibly cost himself a few zeroes behind his next payday but discrediting the guy who whooped your ass isn’t exactly a great look, especially after talking a bunch of shit yourself leading up to the fight.

If you look at how the all time trash talkers handled defeat they for the most part took it in stride knowing that their preflight trash talk could come back and bite them in the ass.

The prefect example of how to take a big time loss on the grand stage is Ben Askren’s post fight tweet.

This guy was on the receiving end of the quickest KO in UFC history after spending YEARS trash talking the entire UFC welterweight division and you don’t see him making any excuses.

Now I’m willing to give O’Malley the benefit of the doubt here and chalk this up to immaturity or buying into his own hype. He’s only 25 and skyrocketing in popularity so the combination of young age and surrounding yourself with “yes men” can make you say some stupid shit. The real test will be how he reacts when he inevitably loses again (because this is MMA and 99.9% of fighters will lose more than once at some point).

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